Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My kid is napping

and other news. That is both kids are napping, this is momentous, Gwen does not nap, but decided to lay down next to me and nap. She hasn't napped in forever and I certainly don't want her to sleep for very long, but I guess this means if we could find a Ben & Jerry's we could go for a free scoop after dinner? I told Gwen we could do something after I finished some stuff up I needed to do. The question is how long to let her nap, I want her to wake up naturally, but I don't want her to be cranky or this to spoil bedtime! Which frankly it already has because it is 2:30!
Gwen is a very talkative, imaginative child. She will wander around talking to herself constantly with or without Nate around. Last week she set this scene up, invited Nate and told me they were going on a safari!
As you notice, Nate making good use of his time, read in the back seat. Gwen also brought along some teddies and whatnot, I don't know what all they did. I think she is touring around here, Nate has left the car to venture out on his own.
It is quite humorous listening to her, she talks about so much, I don't know what all and I just let her sometimes listening and not commenting, sometimes listening and questioning/conversing with her to encourage her imagination. Yesterday we rode a "horse" (pillows off the couch that were laid on the floor) to a pink castle that was all the same shade of pink inside and out. The fun never ends!
Last weekend the kids decided to help Eric, I got the camera.
Gwen started the helping, but when Nate caught wind, he had to climb up there and help also, not to be left out!
If you look closely you can see our bathroom color. I don't know if you are interested in that, but don't you think that is a lovely shade of blue? Eric picked it out, but then was not pleased when he saw it on, he thinks it is to bright, I think it is lovely.
I really don't know what I am going to do now, Gwen is still sleeping! I am sure there is something in this house I want to do without prying hands around, but don't know what that is, I am really taken off guard by this!

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