Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring is here

I am becoming more and more aware of the weather and seasons because I am getting ready to start a garden! I am so excited, I have researched when the last frost is and was surprised to find out it is in late April! Gwen and I went ahead and started some veggies in the house, so we are ready to go. I hope to have germination next week. I also put down some grass fertilizer/weed control down yesterday so we can keep more grass than weeds. Eric thinks I am crazy, but I think it is better spend a couple bucks and prevent the weeds and then to let them take over the yard and have to replant the whole thing. I guess it is a personal issue and since I stay at home with the kids I just did it, I had a coupon and the stuff was on sale! WOHOO! Go me! And then, it rained not long after I put the stuff down, sure I know that I won't always be so lucky, but it is very exciting when things work out. I mentioned previously that I put flowers around the kids house and they are all cute is this? I had some left over so I put them in front of our house, I didn't realize the blooms were so small, which is perfect behind the kids house, but they look like petite tulips and irises. I also thought I would give some updates on the kids. One of the best things about 2 kids at this age is they like to be together, sure it doesn't always work out and they will fight, but those 5 minutes where I can run around the house accomplishing something while they have fun, priceless! Here you can see how high Nate gets in his crib, he is about the same height as Gwen in this picture and she is about a full head taller than him. Let's just say if I could get a little trampoline for that boy he would be SO happy!
Nate is hiding in this picture, see how his eyes are closed, he is likely yelling "SEE ME, SEE ME?" This is one of the most hilarious phases of toddlerhood, when they totally think by closing their eyes you can't see them, so funny!
Last weekend it was so nice, I started conditioning my garden area, you see we are going to leave a dirt patch for the kids still, they love it so. It was so nice and warm we hitched up the bike trailer and took the kids on a bike ride, we rode down the tobacco trail and then to a park off the trail, when we came home we gave the kids drumsticks, you can see how Nate decided to hold his, that boy!
Nate is really a pistol these days, he is full of trouble, he has started to get very upset when you tell him no, he'll wander around hitting stuff, you better stand out of his way. He now walks up to Gwen and wails her for no reason and he also goes looking for trouble. The nice thing about him being the second I know this is just a stage. He is also very talkative, his speech has become a little garbled where we don't know what he is saying, but for the most part he can be clearly understood and is using 3 word sentences. I just have to figure out what to do with his temper!
Gwen, now she is coming into a good stage, she is becoming a little less shy and a little more vocal about things. We had a friend visiting last weekend for a little while and I thought she wasn't going to let us talk (we haven't seen each other in 10-15yrs, I wanted to talk to him too!) She is genuinely a sweet girl and she seems to have compassion for others. She definitely has her own opinions and makes them known and she has started to dress herself. I put all her clothes where she can get to them, well except for this dress, but when she asked for it, I couldn't help but pull it down for her.
She even let me put in a bow like Minnie Mouse. Here she is ready to go!
Nate was feeling a little left out, here he is sporting some jewelry he picked up from our room (nothing is sacred with this boy around!)

Gwen has also started to draw people, with bodies! So cute. I am very excited about her crossing this next developmental milestone, I am not sure why, but I am.
Well, I guess that is all for today, the godfather is coming and today is the day I clean bathrooms, I must get it done! Have a great weekend!

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