Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The boy

Obviously since I have the 2 kids, I can't really do a whole post devoted to one and not do one about the other. This post could easily be subtitled trouble or the end of life as I knew it. At some point in my early days with 2 kids, maybe even while pregnant I distinctly remember predicting that the boy would be trouble. And he has lived up to every expectation I had and probably even surpassed it all! The boy is trouble, if it is quiet I know to look for him, he is into something he shouldn't be! If there is something I have told him not to do he is doing it. He is testing my patience and my sanity. Gwen spends much of the day saying "is Nate in Time Out now?" Sadly, Time outs do nothing to deter him. I need to come up with a better system for him. Although part of the reason time outs don't work is because Gwen will often sit next to him in time out and talk to him. He loves boxes and putting stuff on his head. If he is cranky you just have to gently bonk him on the head with a book and he will laugh and laugh and laugh! He loves it. He still has the baby infectious giggle and I love it.
He is very smart, which is why he is so much trouble, he is naturally curious. He picks things up quickly, he is putting puzzles back together correctly, he can count to 13 and sing his ABCs. And he is busting out 4 word sentences, maybe more. His language is often very clear. The other day he drew a Z (a complete fluke, but still amazing!). Today we were working outside and the kids were "helping" more pictures of that later. Nate picks up the sander tries to help, sees that it isn't working walks up to the extension cord, where Eric had unplugged it and tries to plug it in. Seriously, should he know how to do that? Should he be able to watch us do stuff and figure out how to do it out 1.5? He is now the age where we can put him in this outfit. Which Gwen wore before, but I am too lazy to find the picture of her in it for comparison, maybe later! He LOVES to read still, if you sit down he will find a book and ask you to "READ IT, PEAS"
He loves the camera and will come all up into your face if he sees you pull it out, he wants to be right there, which makes for a lot of up close pictures.
He is developing quite the temper, failing on the ground or hitting or throwing. He gets frustrated easily and watch out if he does. It is not pleasant at all! I haven't figured out how to redirect his anger. I know I need to figure it out, but I also know it is a phase a terrible phase that hopefully only last 3-6 months at a time.
I have done a slide show devoted to Nate, because I realize I have a lot of random pictures of him from the last couple months, you'll notice lots of snow pictures!

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