Sunday, April 11, 2010


It has been an interesting weekend, Saturday productive, Sunday not so productive, but it appears we finally have, well I don't know what we have because I started this and haven't gotten back to it until now. I guess I must have started yesterday sometime...
Anyhoo, we are having issues with the computer we got back from BBY, but I am hoping while I'm gone, Eric will have it magically fixed without buying something new. I have a couple slideshows, don't remember what's on them, but my 2-3 readers are pretty smart. Oh, wait I remember, these are about Easter weekend. We took down our fence one day and put it back up another day, Eric had Good Friday off. You can see the kids here, "helping".

This is about Easter Egg hunt 2 of 3, we don't really have Easter Egg Hunt #3, we did one at home and the kids weren't that into it, or maybe they were distracted by the little toys the Easter bunny brought them, who knows. But I digress, Easter Egg hunt was put on by Eric's graduate school for the grad students and post docs with kids; maybe 30 kids there. They had the an Easter bunny on a unicycle and an Elmo pinata.

So now that you've seem the slideshow, I have to tell you how freaked out Gwen was about the pinata, well she wasn't really freaked out about it, she just wasn't interested in hitting it with a bat. And as you could see she spent a lot of time hugging Elmo after it was all over. Nate spent the whole time eating candy without bothering to unwrap the wrappers. Good times!
I leave with the kids tomorrow for FL, probably going to be crazy, just praying I make it through the morning in one piece. Have I mentioned Nate is a total nightmare, wild man and don't know if I can keep him in my lap! UGH! Pray for me. If this wasn't for such a good cause, Grandma's big birthday and party, I would have gone at a time where the adult to kid ratio was at least even!

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