Saturday, April 24, 2010

Florida trip part I

I am beginning to think I am not a good blogger anymore. I can't believe how bad I have become about posting. UGH! This not working computer situation is really giving my blogging the beat down! As you may have guessed we made it to and from Florida for Mom's big birthday with little to no problems. It wasn't completely smooth sailing, but we all lived to talk about it. Mom's party was a success and I think she might have even had a good time. I will post those pictures later. If anyone reading this has any pictures from then, please send them to me, I would appreciate it, THNAKS!
I was quite nervous about this trip since I would be traveling alone with the kids and although I had secured a direct flight to FL I still had to wrangle kids/car seats and all into the airport by myself and not to mention keep them entertained. (Eric had a lab meeting and couldn't help me into the airport). But the flight down was a breeze, the flight wasn't full so Nate didn't have to sit in my lap, he got his own seat...I think that was what I was most nervous about. We made it to FL no problems and even got to meet Grandpa for lunch at Chic-fil-a, win-win! The only slight problem was Gwen, I had realized the day before the trip, well the night/morning before the trip that I hadn't really reviewed with the kids "what-if" situations, like what to do if we became separated in the airport, what to do if you were lost or who to talk to in those situations. Fortunately we didn't need any of those situations, we all managed to stay together despite the fact I didn't bring a stroller (which all the flight attendents apparently thought I should have, they all asked me, maybe my kids weren't as good as I thought?) On the way to the airport Eric and I were reviewing with Gwen that if anyone asked her what her name was she needed to tell them her real name, and not "Briar Rose". We also tried to review with her what my real name is. Apparently the lesson didn't sink in, because when we got to security lo and behold when asked what her name was she said "Briar Rose". I was so angry, I got down to her level and I said, remember we reviewed this when asked what your name is, what Mommy and Daddy called you what is your name? Well the kid froze up and we stood there for 5 minutes while I tried to coax her into saying "Gwen". She wouldn't or at least wouldn't loud enough for us to hear. GRR! I was so frustrated. But really that was the only glitch, and not really an un-expected one, I guess I should have known to put "Gwen, Briar Rose" on her ticket.
Before the party we had a couple days with Aunt Ellen, Uncle Bill and Uncle Ken and the boys. Here are some pictures from the days leading up to the party...

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Joan Fitz said...

Great pictures! It was wonderful to see you and the children!
Awesome celebration!