Monday, May 03, 2010


I can tell it has been a long time since I posted here, I had to re-type the blog address in, I know a horror of all horrors! I still don't have use of my computer in the evenings and that is really affecting my blogging, as you can tell. I hope to get better about that, but I am beginning to re-evaluate my priorities around here and I know that blogging is currently low on the list. I think that it might get higher on the list eventually, but recently I have enjoyed talking with Eric and scrapbooking and occasionally watching a movie with Eric instead of blogging. But one day, the big computer might work again and that day, I will start more regularly blogging...if my gym going doesn't get in the way! We are gearing up for trip #2, the in-laws. And that trip I find I am not the least anxious about. Must be the fact that Eric and I will be doing it together; I won't have to travel alone, with the kids, across the country!
We have been weighing our options these days on what to do next. We have this house that is basically a blank slate, the people who lived here before us thought that Disney movie posters framed where art work and didn't paint the house at all. The outside of the house I don't think they ventured out of at all, so we get to pick our own plants and plant accordingly. This is where a disposable income would come in handy, but since we don't have that we spend a LOT of time dreaming and wandering around nurseries. This weekend we made our first plant purchases-some azaleas I found for $3.33! WOHOO! Happy Mother's day to me! I have been looking for specific azaleas, a kind that won't grow more than 3ft tall because of where I wanted to put them, but our house needs some color so in about 10 years those things are going to be awesome! Now they are about the 1G size and I think they are slow growers...I got a white and a pink. They are my first Azaleas and I am excited about them. For the past several weeks I have been pointing out any Azalea/rhododendron that I had seen along the road side and I think I finally broke Eric down (that and the price tag.) I haven't decided exactly what I want to do with the rest of the little flower area by the sidewalk to our front door, but I am thinking I would like to stick with the white/pink theme, Eric of course has different plans...
The kids and I have been slowly meeting people from the Church, I joined a Bible study that takes place during the day with the kids present. Kids get to play we get to talk to other ladies, win-win! It is always an interesting thing meeting with ladies discussing marriage and God, such strong opinions and most of them seem to mesh, currently.
In all this talk about priorities I seem to have forgotten to start the slow cooker for dinner! OOPS! I guess it will be leftovers for us tonight, I should also probably attend to the kid that is awake and has been very good during my quiet time! I will shortly start posting pictures from Mom's party...I know something I should have done weeks ago!

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