Monday, May 03, 2010

Welcome to the White House

So we had this party for my Mom, well I use the word "we" rather liberally, I was just there with the kids to distract Mom from the fact she was turning 60!!! The party was a theme party the '60s. We asked people to bring pictures of themselves from the '60s and dress appropriately. Unbeknownst to Mom she was expected to stand at the door and greet everyone and do a shot of Tang (& vodka). I happened to be standing at the door so I got pictures of almost everybody, Uncle Ken supplied the pictures I didn't get. There seemed to be some confusion about what was going on at the door and why my Mom was dressed as she was so she started to say "Welcome to the White House" so people would understand who she was dressed as.

Enjoy! More later...


Joan Fitz said...

Who are all those "60's" people? ;)
Thanks for sharing these pics! Be sure to add one of Gwen in her outfit!!!
It was such fun!

Melanie said...

I have no idea! ;) I will add more pictures, I think Mom's party will encompass several posts!