Thursday, March 04, 2010

The beginning

I was going to go to bed, but thought I should document this now. Today was the day that Gwen went to met her preschool teachers and a couple of her, dare I say it, classmates! I have been a little nervous about this, it is just an unknown how she is going to react. She ALWAYS put up such a fight when we do things, but yet I think she really wants to go, wants to be pushed to go, I don't know if I have the energy to deal with this personality trait. Anyhoo, I had secured the neighbor for Nate babysitting duty, sadly I was a little frazzled with Gwen's acting like she was going to cry, I forgot to tell Susan half the stuff I meant to tell her. But, on to Gwen. I thought I should document this day for the future and I tried to snap a picture, this is what I got. If this picture could talk, you would hear Gwen saying (well squealing) "no Mommy, no pictures". I took the picture anyway and it might be one of the cutest, don't you think? It was funny though, one minute Gwen would say, "Mommy I want you to drive me to school right now" and then I would explain that Susan wasn't here yet and we couldn't leave Nate alone. And then Susan got here and she totally didn't want to go started almost to cry. We got to the school and since I had met the teacher she let me walk down with Gwen to the classroom, Gwen got to the classroom and looked at the play house and I think may have completely forgotten about me. She started to put purple baby down so I asked her if she wanted me to take it she said yes, I also took the sunglasses. Spoke to the teacher for a minute, and left. No tears, no nothing! WOW! I am praying it is always this easy, but I know it won't be. I sat outside on a bench filling out another info sheet and doing other stuff I needed to do. I might actually be caught up in the paperwork department! I met 2 other parents who both already had kids in the school and you'd think they were paid to talk about how great the school is. We went to pick up our kids and I guess all the kids did well, the little boy chatted away (he's the youngest of 4) and it took a little longer for the 2 girls to warm up, but they did start chattering away.
When we were trying to leave all the kids wanted to stay. The teacher said something about the name tags and Gwen asked if we could put it on the refrigerator, I said sure. So she did, when we got home, see
Then, as we were walking past a table she grabbed this, the scrapbooker in me was proud (Jamie I know you are proud!)
We have only gotten out bits and pieces from her about her day. We've fussed over her and asked and told her how proud we are. This is what we know, she didn't have to potty, she got 2! SNACKS! (this is very exciting to her, obviously) of goldfish and graham crackers. They played some games something about a banana and maybe a ball. I don't know, I think it has been too long already and I might have to update this with what else they did for when I finally go back for the scrapbooking. And in case you were curious, Gwen has been telling us that she "is going to keep growing".


Mommy Daisy said...

So glad to see she's enjoying herself. I'm still wishy-washy about preschool for Zachariah. I need to decide very soon!

Melanie said...

I think Gwen definitely needs the social interaction of preschool. She doesn't have many peers since we moved and I am afraid that she won't adjust well to going to school without it! Also, I made your bean burritos a while ago and have since made them again but adjusted the recipe to include chicken, so good! Glad you put that out on your blog!