Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow day

Well for once the meteorologists got it right, it snowed last night and we appeared to have gotten 5in or so of snow, "soft" snow, so we couldn't do any snowman building or snow fighting, but we did keep the kids out in the snow entirely too long. I hope that they do not have any of the frostbite and lose function of anything, I would hate for them to have loss of function in a toe or something. I have compiled a slideshow of pictures from the day.

You may wonder why I have been doing so many slideshows, I am running low on space for pictures, so slideshow are the answer, for now!
Also I'd like to send my love and prayers to some family today. Love to you all!

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Anonymous said...

Are you aware that as the slides progress there's a point where it looks like Nate is being run over by the Jeep? Luckily, I think this is just a result of the fading pictures. Right? Anyway...cute pictures of the kids as always. eric.