Friday, January 29, 2010

Museum of Life and Sciences

Like 6 weeks ago we went to the Life & Science Museum in town. It is free on Wed afternoon for residents, so one day when Eric was off during the holiday we all went. It was great fun! We took the camera and saw more of the museum then we ever have on our previous trips. The kids really love it and we had to pull them away from almost all the exhibits, especially the outside ones, their poor hands were cold, but they couldn't wear gloves and "work". It was rather cold that day so not many people were outside, which was nice for the kids. I took some pictures which I put in a slide show for you. But sadly as I looked at the pictures they were all blurry. My kids don't really stand still for long.

I have more pictures to download off the camera and since it actually snowed here like the weather people predicted I hope to have more pictures in the upcoming weeks! ;)

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