Friday, January 22, 2010


I have mentioned here before, I think, about how smart Nate is. Not that Gwen isn't smart, she totally is, but she has a different kind of intelligence, one that isn't a mischievous as Nate's. Nate appears to be quicker on his feet, this likely comes from the fact that he has her to watch and learn; and watch and learn he does. But, he also certainly teaches her some "tricks". Nate will do things that would never even occur to Gwen to do. I think she tends to be a little lazier, Nate is more of a go getter, which is definitely something that makes raising him more of a challenge, he sees something he goes and gets it. Doesn't ask, just does! As in the case of this slide show!

He saw the diaper bag sitting in there with the snack cups, couldn't find any snacks, set a chair in front of the pantry door, got the snacks, took them back to the living room and as you saw proceeded to get himself snacks. It was at this point Gwen realized, hey, he's got some snacks! Gwen would never have considered doing that, but Nate thought, I'm hungry, I'll get myself some snacks! And I guess I think that is a pretty amazing that at 1.5 he had the thought process to do the whole thing and I watched him, snapping some pictures. I did let him eat some of the rewards before I gave him something else instead. As I've said before, he is one you definitely have to watch, because he is always doing something you don't really expect!
In other news, I met up with my new friend and I feel like we've really hit it off, based on the fact that we got kicked out of 2 coffee shops and probably could have continued to talk! We then met up with the kids this morning and have plans to meet up again next week. We have a lot in common and I think we will eventually get the husbands together also to see if they will also get along. Which will be kind of funny since her husband is a professor at Eric's school, in a different department.

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