Friday, January 29, 2010


The last couple of days have been pretty terrible for me. Not in a crazy way, but I just had started to get out and meet people (and be social!) and then Gwen came down with a cold. A rude shock indeed! I have enjoyed the company of my new friend and enjoyed getting out and making friends. And now, to be sure with the snow we are going to be snowed in! Eric and I have been laughing about it, we figure we might be the only people in the city with a snow shovel. We will likely be snow shoveling tomorrow just for kicks, to remind us of the old days! Of course it is likely to be only a couple of inches but since this area has none of the equipment to take care of the snow, we could actually be "snowed in". Fortunately this week I planned well, ok, maybe I didn't plan well, it just worked out that I go the the grocery store early in the week so I didn't have to go out this time when there was going to be a run on milk, bread and TP. Also fortunately I am quite the milk and bread hoarder. We go through 2 gallons of milk a week maybe more. And our grocery store has quite the deals on bread and I can't quite help picking it up at $0.25/loaf, whether we need it or not.
But I digress, we have been staying in and not getting out and meeting people, much to my dismay with Gwen's cold I thought it best not to be out and about in case she wasn't feeling well, at this age I still don't think she can understand or communicate when she is feeling unwell. For weeks after she threw up last time, every time she needed to cough she would run to the bathroom thinking she was going to throw up. It was quite humorous, to me. And I digressed again!
The last several months I haven't really been able to be present with the kids, in the moment. Moving to a new place, getting a feel for the area and getting into a routine have been quite difficult for me. Getting a new exercise routine and our family effort to keep the house up have certainly helped my attitude and my overall health. (I might recommend my Mother take a moment and sit down when she reads this next statement.) I hate to live in a messy house, it makes my brain hurt. I hate the clutter but once it starts to get to messy I get to overwhelmed to do anything about, it becomes a downward spiral for me. This also affects my want to let the kids do certain things like take out the finger paints or other such crafts. But today, I threw caution to the wind and let Gwen paint with the finger paints. It was going well, Nate was napping, it wasn't really all that messy and then Nate woke up and sadly Gwen eventually invited him to come in and paint with her. That is when all hell broke lose. If you'll recall, the last time we tried the fingerpainting Nate wasn't interested. (if you don't you can check out here.) Well, this time Nate became totally involved, sadly now the paints are all the same color, as demonstrated here, I guess I won't have to worry about letting them fingerpaint anymore. I think not that all the colors are black/dark green, it is time to toss! There is this really cute smile Nate gives us but I haven't been able to catch it on camera. I hope that I can one day, because it is so charming, sadly he knows it.

Gwen went ahead and painted her whole top half, I went ahead and gave them a bath, at like 3:30, then I went ahead and spent the next hour getting the spots up off the carpet. (ok maybe it was 30 minutes but dude I really had to scrub and it all hasn't gotten out all the stains, if anyone has a recommendation for a carpet spot cleaner let me know)

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