Friday, January 15, 2010

Warm afternoons ahead!

Since yesterday was warm, sunny and no wind, I took the kids outside with their strollers. (Nate got his own, non-pink, boyish stroller for Christmas!) I thought they would just play in the cul de sac with their strollers, boy was I wrong, Gwen decided we were going on a walk. Which meant we walked around the entire neighborhood, about a 3/4 mi, took us 30 min. Probably would have taken longer if Nate had anything to say about it! He kept picking up "STICKS" (mulch) and putting them in his stroller. This is what Gwen did as she was waiting for us... She kept running ahead and had to be in the lead, Nate didn't much care! Here she goes, running off again!
Nate was pretty fun to watch from behind, I think he is just a smidge too small for running with his stroller and he would do it on tiptoe. He also looked at the ground the whole time, so funny!
They took a break, hard work all that walking in the fresh air!

I think they had a good time. Even though the cranky-panky 3.5 year old rebuffs all plans we make. She never wants to do anything we ask her to do anymore, unless it is sit at home or go to the bookstore. I am also wondering if something is going on with the little one, for the last month or so she has been sleeping without a diaper and I would say maybe once a week she'd pee in the bed, but the last 3 nights she has. I am thinking it is time to put her back in diapers and be done with it. She has also been quieter, maybe a little moody?
This morning we went to a play-group thing at the airport, they have this observation area, but sadly it is poorly marked, or not marked at all, until after you take the first turn! It took us 20 minute to find the outside observation area and then found out how to get to the other place, that was inside. There was another Mom in the wrong area also and we headed over together. After we found the place I got talking with the other lost Mom and found we have a lot in common. Her husband also randomly decided to go back to school for his PhD and she is also not into girly-girl things and has a daughter into princesses! After the playdate we decided to get together for a MNO, hope she emails me! It would be nice to meet people I can talk to locally! Sadly though I think my house would start being messier, I have lots of time now to clean and the last couple weeks, it has been clean! Oh well, I guess you can't have everything!

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Lesley said...

So cute! We just got Owen his own stroller so now they all have one each. They race them around the house pretending to be Monster Trucks!