Monday, February 13, 2012

Father-daughter dance and Valentines

The school has a father-daughter dance and Gwen really wanted to go.  I kept asking Eric if they were going to go and he'd say "I don't know anything about it".  So finally, at dinner the other night I asked and he said, I'll go if someone asks me.  So Gwen asked and low and behold they went to the dance.  I snapped a couple pictures before they left. 
Unfortunately I couldn't get her to change out of her socks, but I did get her to put a shirt under her dress.  WIN!  She also did her own hair and jewelry.  She is starting to get into necklaces and such, not so much bracelets or hair.  She is wearing a "medal" she made it school. 
Nate and I waited anxiously for them to come home, well Nate fell asleep, and I waited.  Gwen was fairly tired but I did find out they did have fun, ate lots of snacks and didn't dance.  Eric spoke to some of the other Dads and asked Gwen to dance, but she didn't want to, she just wanted to hang with her friends.  Apparently the had photographer who took pictures and Gwen brought home 2 flowers.  Eric got a glimpse of what the future will be and I am not sure, he might be scared.

Nate and I decided to secretly make some Valentine's cookies.  Sadly, I had to do a babysitting thing today, so I didn't have time to put the cookies away.  Guess who spotted them about 2.5 sec after she walked in the door.  Guess who told Daddy immediately so she could have some for dessert.  Oh well.  Guess I don't have to sneak them into lunches tomorrow. 
Nate really likes to help and now he has the fancy apron for helping.  He was a much better helper when it was just us and I didn't have to decide which kid does each task. 

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