Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's day

Today has been a busy, hectic day; rounding out a crazy 2 days in the part-time world. Random things that have made me wonder if I should contact tomorrow's volunteers and give them notice tomorrow might be crazy! I think I have fixed most of the random things, we will see.
So, today about everything I wanted to get done didn't get done in the time I was hoping for.  I wanted to have these pocket pies done before Eric got home, but it didn't happen, so now  they are waiting for him to finish the dishes and then we can eat.  
Now, before you go all dang that girl has a problem, I should say I made the cookies for Eric, since those are his favorite cookies and that is all I was planning on doing, but then I found this recipe for a chocolate cherry cheesecake and I decided to make that for tomorrow's meeting.  Well, I needed about a cup of cherry pie filling but then I would have some left over, and the question became what to do with these leftovers?  Enter the pocket pies!  Heart shaped, Valentine themed!  Sadly, I can't eat much if any of these things, gives me heartburn...I will suffer through 1 pie tonight and a sliver of cheesecake tomorrow, but that will likely be it.  I might be trying to fatten everyone up around me and I honestly haven't baked anything in a while!  So it was fun! 
Gwen seemed to enjoy her valentine's day.  And I decided to prep dinner, but have Eric make/assemble.  So I made some sushi rice, made some tempura shrimp and while Eric and the kids made the sushi, I assembled the pocket pies.  We were all in the kitchen and had a good time.  Gwen even ate some sushi!  A good way to celebrate the day!  Happy Valentine's day! 

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