Sunday, February 05, 2012

School happenings

This week was Catholic Schools week and so they had busy happenings at the school this week.  The Kindergartners were invited back to school on Wednesday night in their PJs for bedtime stories and bedtime snacks.  Gwen was SO excited.  Sadly, I forgot to take a picture.  She had a good time and fell asleep almost as soon as she went into her room. 
Friday night they had the faculty/staff basketball game.  One of Gwen's teachers was playing in the game, as was our neighbor.  We were surprised at how evenly matched the teams were and there seemed to be a lot of players that weren't faculty or staff...I guess we will figure that stuff out as the kids get older.  The Pastor and the principal were designated foul shot takers.  Gwen sat with her friends under the basket.  I couldn't believe it, isn't that what the teenagers do, not my kindergartner?  Well, she and Nate had a good time, I guess that is all that matters! 

 Getting ready for the halftime dance, all the kids went out to do it...I took a video of just Gwen and Nate. 

 Gwen's friend came over and took these pictures of us, as you can see Eric thought he was going to be in the picture also, he was denied.
 She did take a picture of him also. 
During "half-time" it is traditional for there to be some sort of dance thing.  This year they decided to have a "flash mob" and invited all the kids to do the dance the teachers have apparently been doing all week.  The teachers apparently decided to break out in dance periodically during the week.  I recorded the whole song. 

Bless the heart of my uncoordinated children!  (Nate might be really tired and it is possible he fell asleep on the way home and stayed out all night!) 

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