Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I don't know what it is about 3-4pm but I am so exhausted this time around.  It could be that I am running Gwen back and forth to school, getting up and walking in the morning, or I am just at the end of this pregnancy and am caring a lot of extra weight!  It could be that I am very busy with school finishing and things happening where we aren't home that much.  Fortunately I don't have any swelling, but my legs are tired and that affects everything.  I think I am going to have to rethink dinner. 
more interested in teeter-totter than strawberries
Other than that, everything is good with this pregnancy. I am very fortunate that I don't have serious complications when it comes to pregnancy and that I don't have any other complaints that tired.  I might start going to bed super early because these days so I can recover.  Part of the problem is that I have been go-go-go and I had to do some volunteering yesterday that usually requires 2-3 people and it was only me.  The person that usually volunteers that day is late so it was a while in before I realized that it was going to be just me.  I got fussed at for not calling anyone, but really it takes time to call people and who had time to think of that!   
What says Welcome from FL than a pink flamingo, placed by Gwen
I think the kids are enjoyed my lay on the couch in the late afternoon because I give them my undivided attention, as long as they stay by the couch.  They are playing more piano.  Gwen would like to take lessons this summer, and I have started giving her rudimentary instruction on the piano, she can find middle C and name all the white notes.  She knows how to hold her hands and sit up straight.  We can't afford to give her formal training and I think she might be a little too young to start with formal lessons, only because I am not sure we can handle the fights over everyday practicing yet. 
Nate wanted to be right in the action
Gwen has her big school play tonight.  I have heard she has come a long way.  She can be so timid that she doesn't say her lines very loud, so we have been working with her on it.  I have heard from her teachers that today during the "dress rehearsal" in front of the school she did a great job.  She is pretty excited about it.  The only problem is Nate didn't nap today, so I hope that he isn't a terror during the performance, since they start right at bedtime.  Maybe he will be mesmerized and fall asleep, a girl can dream! 
Shh!  Don't tell Gwen where Nate plays when she's gone
I started this post last week and still haven't finished it.  I just haven't been in the mood.  I am reaching the last weeks of this pregnancy.  I had a doctor's appointment yesterday.  Everything still seems to be going well, no indication that I am going to be having the baby any time soon.  Although Eric seems to be worrying I will be going early.  I am hoping to hold out until AFTER school finishes.  I still have stuff that needs to be done that I don't want to having looming over with a newborn in tow!  
trap or strawberry patch protector?
I seemed to have developed some sort of allergy/cold.  I have started to take something for it, since I don't really want to be worn out and trying to get birth.  The doctor has asked me to take it easy, so I have removed all the toys on the floor of my kid's room.  Apparently they can't see the hamper or find trash cans, so I'm just helping them out.  They just can't seem to keep stuff off the floor and cleaned up.  I get tired of repeating myself and I just can't clean up their room anymore, so as they keep their room clean and put back stuff where it is supposed to be they will be able to get 1 item back.  It took Nate about 1 hour this morning to realize I was serious and he just got some cars back for FINALLY putting away his shoes and hanging up his jacket.  Their birthday's are coming up and so we need to clear some stuff out, especially now we will have a new baby who has stuff also.  Hopefully Gwen won't freak out too much! 
"Look I trapped a butterfly!"
We are in the home stretch around here, we have clothes washed and hung, toys pulled out, which is a good thing, since I am now down to weeks instead of months.  We are in good shape for this baby, the benefit of #3 is that we still have barely used stuff from #1 & #2 from these first months.  We all are looking forward to meeting the new baby and gearing up for summer! 

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