Monday, May 28, 2012

Emily's big day

This weekend I had the honor of going to Charlotte and celebrating Emily's Baptism.  The Dr said I was still good to travel until the end of the month, so we packed up Saturday and drove up to Charlotte.  We got there a little early so we could hang, chat and make sure we weren't late!  Emily's Baptism was the first Baptism at this Church, they don't actually have a Church building yet, so they meet in the rec center.  A Priest comes up from the sister Parish and does the Mass.  He seemed slightly confused, because he thought I was the Mom and hadn't lost the baby weight yet, when he figured that out, he thought Eric was the godfather, when he figured that out he then realized that Jess had an older son.  He gave a lot of blessing on us all before Mass and we all walked down the aisle with him.  Since there was no Baptismal font in the rec center, when it came time for the Baptism, he had us all stand in front of the Church while Dave, the godfather held the bowl for the Holy Water.  He gave a really nice service and Emily didn't even make a peep.  She was so good!  Unfortunately Jess didn't have a charged camera, Grandma forgot her camera so we got the only pictures.  For probably the first time EVER we had a completely charged camera and were ready to go!  Eric took all the pictures and he even got a video.  If you look closely you can see me giving Nate the evil eye because he's trying to blow out the Baptismal candle. 

We then all went out to dinner to celebrate and we'd decided to stay the night, but the kids just couldn't settle, so we popped them in the car and drove home!  We got home about midnight.  We stopped twice, but the kids were already asleep.  Once because I was like, "get me out of this car", I have to move and once because Eric felt the same way!
We are spending the rest of the weekend pretty low key, the husband's home and I guess we will be doing some grilling and what not, but that's about it!

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