Monday, April 06, 2009

Decisions, decisions!

We are in the mist of decision making, Eric has until tax day to notify his school of choice, so I hope he will make that decision soon! But, really that is a post for another day! Today we are here to discuss the fact that we are safely home from our RV trip. We returned the RV and have I mentioned we all arrived safely. The trip went well, I only had 1 day where I demanded Eric get me out of the RV before I threw myself out the window...I would say that is a good trip! Eric did all the driving, which meant I did all the entertaining. I don't really know who was more tired!
So, I leave you with RVing, day1...when I find my camera, I will likely update with more pictures...ENJOY!

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Beth said...

TOO CUTE!!!! Good luck with the decision!