Thursday, April 09, 2009

RV day 5-7

Ok, so I guess with day 5-7 I should announce that we have decided to move to NC. Sorry about that AL friends, we decided to go with the better school and the more poor route. This will really test what I have been telling Eric, I don't need lots of things to be happy...but it is a nice area and we are looking forward to the new surroundings.
So, on to the RV trip: We visited with my goddaughter and her family and then went to Chucky Cheese for dinner and met with some other friends. It was a long evening. I am quite amazed the Gwen & Nate did so well. The next day we left to drive home and this was the day I about flipped out. It was a long day, we stayed that night in a real live RV campground, all I can say is WOW! The lady that was running that place, WOW! She kept calling the kids, "little humans" does that bother anyone else? I mean sure they are little humans, but they are children, and did you know that they charge extra for the children, what's that about? On the next day we drove home, put the kids to bed, cleaned the RV and slept in our own beds!!!! AWESOME!

So now we are home, the decision has been made, is anyone else stressed out and frazzled? Ok, actually I am not stressed out and frazzled, I am just having a problem figuring out what day it is, we have been unable to have our exercise group due to illness and I think Gwen is also either coming down with something or is having seasonal allergies. So in case I don't get back on here before Sunday...Happy Easter!

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Beth said...

YAY for making a decision - I certainly hope it works out...And as far as not having "things" close by - you adjust. I went from Atlanta (and living across the street from a Target) to having to drive 20 miles to a crappy grocery store and about 50 miles to a decent one! There are no malls in our town - we drive either to Mobile, Pensacola or Daphne - all of which are about an hours' drive!!! You'll adjust!