Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Feeling better, but not 100%

It has been awhile since I updated on the real day-to-day around here. Of course I don't know that there has been a real day-to-day around here in months, especially since we came back from the big RV trip and all got sick! :( I think we are all on the mend, so I hope we can all get the ball moving on this moving thing.
Did I mention that Nate has learned to crawl up the steps? So we definitely have to stairs up gates closed now. While I am speaking about Nate I should mention that he is a super fast crawler now, if he sees something he wants, he is out of here! I have also not mentioned Nate's swim classes, he LOVES them. They are little too close to nap time, but he kicks the whole time, he loves chasing after the ball and he loves get his face wet and he loves when I blow bubbles and he tries to "catch" them. Today I tried to get him to be upright, and he got "mad" and flopped himself back down so he could be "swimming" again.
Gwen is getting to be a challenge. We imagine that is becuase she is 2.5! Difficult age, I have been told by many people. I hear that 4 is a good age! And it is not that she isn't sweet and loving, oh she has her moments, she is quite funny. Her conversations are quite humourous, when we know what she is talking about, but the thing is you must know what has gone on in the last couple of days because she often picks up our conversations and adds them into hers, so you don't always know what she is saying, unless you are in the trenches, so to speak. But, she is definitely very trying these days, she does not like to share any of the spotlight with anyone else! Especially Nate! She does not want to share with him, she wants to have our attention, postive or negative, all the time and she doesn't care if she sits in time out (if she is especially ornery). I think we will make it, but I tell you she really knows how to test our patience...but she's usually still good in public, these are only home battles!
We have hammered out the details for the coming weeks of house moving/hunting and whatever else. We are definitely starting to get our act together so hopefully we can make this as painless as possible? Ok, who am I kidding, this process will have some pain, we have 2 young children to work around! But, at least Eric is unemployed so we can tag team house projects and watching kids. That is to say, this might not be updated much, if not at all in the upcoming weeks. We will see how it goes! Eric was able to get a picture of Nate's teeth! He loves scrunching up his nose and smiling. We think he is soon going to have 4 top teeth and 2 bottom, but I haven't seen or felt the proof yet.

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