Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Evening Day1-Day4!

Here are days 2, 3, & 4 and a couple of shots from the evening of Day1.

So, I guess I haven't really discussed the trip yet. It was a pretty good trip. We looked at houses in both NC & AL. The kids were good, despite having late nights every night. Eric did all the driving and I did all the entertaining. Eric says he doesn't want to do any driving for like a week, I think that means I shouldn't have to do any entertaining!
Day 1 we picked up the RV and then drove the RV to a questionable park in Chapel hill, we were in the overflow lot, next to the dumpster and some kind of construction site. Day 2 we saw some houses, most pretty nice. Then we drove to Jess's and hung out briefly with her and the kids.
Then, day 3, we drove to Birmingham and stayed with John & Liesa. The only problem with these pictures is that I forgot to bring in my camera in when we were there, I was so tired after that 7hour drive! I must apologize to Liesa's Mom (Hi!) who reads this blog and I should have pictures of her Grandkids on here, sorry! I wish I had my camera because Gwen was so funny, she just wormed her way onto the couch right in between them. We all had a pretty good laugh about that (us parents!) This was also the first night I got a really good night of sleep because John & Liesa & the boys were kind enough to let Nate and I sleep in the house, while Gwen and Eric slept in the RV.
Day 4 we looked at houses in Birmingham, and then drove to Beth's house. This concluded the "business" portion of the trip (the looking at the houses, which was the whole reason for the trip!) We played a fun game with Brian & Beth while the girls played all played together and watched TV!

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