Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dr's appointment

Today was Gwen's 4 year Dr's appointment. Yay Gwen!
Here are her stats:
Weight: 35lb ?oz (50%)
Height: 39 in (50%)
She has grown almost 3lbs and 3in...I don't know exactly for the weight, but for the height 2.5 inches in a year! Same percentages as last year, and the Dr mentioned BMI-which she said was a little high in the normal range...nothing to be worried about. Gwen appears to be growing normally and doing everything on schedule, so we don't have any worries. We decided to go ahead and give Gwen her 5year shots because we weren't sure if the preschool required them, and thought better to be safe than have to come back later. So she got 4 shots today! That didn't go so well, she cried and cried and told me she couldn't really walk, it hurt. She seems to be doing fine now and when has even allowed me to take off her bandaids. That was hilarious. The way this Doctor's office did the visit they had 2 nurses come in and do the shots simultaneously. And then they put the bandaids on, well we talked alot about the bandaids-we don't use bandaids at home. So then when one started to come off a little she showed it to me and I just ripped it off-fast, fast fast! She kind of looked shocked for a minute and she said "Thank you!" I asked her if she wanted me to pull the other one off and she said, "No". But, she just came up to me and asked me to pull the other off, so all is well.
Sadly after we went to the Dr's office we went grocery shopping and on the way there Gwen said, I have to go potty! I was a little distracted trying to speed us out of the car and get to the bathroom on the other side of the store from the entrance that I accidentally scrapped a woman with the cart. I stopped immediately and apologyzed and she started in on me "I know you had to see me here" Well, of course I did, but on those carts to use with kids, you can't really see that at the bottom it comes out again. I felt terrible, I still do, but part of me ceased to feel sorry when she was so mean and yelling at me. I told myself, don't let her bad attitude ruin your mood! Sure it was my fault, but it wasn't like I just ran off and didn't apologyze. Grr lady, I hope your day gets better and someone that you tell that story to will tell you how hard it is to drive those big carts! (especially when the one that has to pee is standing on the other side trying to help you steer)...I wanted to laugh though when she said "you are lucky I wasn't really hurt", what is she going to do, sue me, and get what from me exactly, we don't have any thing left to give!

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