Friday, July 09, 2010

Happy Father's day...cookies

I realize that Father's day was almost a month ago, I think by now you must all realize that I am a little behind in the blog posting. I am thinking that at least I am getting it done-better late than never. At least that is the philosophy I am going with today. So we made cookies for Daddy for Father's Day, this time I let Nate help decorate.
Look he actually decorated the cookies, before he tried he to eat them all.
Look Gwen is getting to be quite the expert. Of course we still have to review that 5 lbs of sprinkles is doesn't really stick to 0.5lb of icing.
Nate hard at you see the cookie he completed
Do you see what I mean about the sprinkles?
I let them eat a couple cookies.
The cookies we made...I helped on a couple.
More of the spoils.
Nate sneaking more cookies.

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