Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday!

Today my little big girl turns 4. I'd like to say it seems like yesterday that I birthed her and I miss those baby years, I don't. I like her and appreciate who she is now. How sweet she is and how she seems to be turning into a cleanly person. I hope this keeps up, because her brother, not so neat, but then she wasn't so cleanly at 2, so maybe he will be too. But, this isn't about him now is it. This is about Gwen, back to Gwen. She is definitely coming into her own as a person. She is still not sure about things and has definite opinions and you never know when she is going to change her mind. For example, after Nate had his birthday cake we discussed what kind of cake she wanted she told me a Strawberry Shortcake cake. One with Strawberry shortcake on it. For almost a month she told us that and then within the last week, she changed her mind! She decided she wanted a cookie cake! Ugh, well I made her a cookie cake, because that's what I do as a Mom!
She also seems to really be looking forward to school. I hope that doesn't fade. She had a great time at "Bible school" and wants to go back. I was so proud of her going to class everyday without fussing and participating in the concert. I was so proud, had to fight back the tears. I suspect the same thing will happen come preK and Kindergarten.
She is mostly a good kid, she does have her moments when she doesn't want to do what we ask her to, but mostly she is a good listener and if she didn't have to compete with that troublesome younger brother I think she would be much more cooperative.
Sadly today she woke up with congestion, but doesn't seem to have any other symptoms, but maybe a little crankiness. We had a big day today we got up ate breakfast, opened presents, picked blueberries (~2.5lbs, she was the star picker!), played at the play area, had lunch, cake, quiet time, went to a party with the bouncy house, went to Best Buy, came home, attempted dinner and then put the kids to bed! A day we won't forget about for a while. I think fun was had by all! Here is a slide show from today.

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Mommy Daisy said...

Aww, Happy Birthday sweet girl! 4 is a big one!