Saturday, February 19, 2011

The business at hand...

We have been rather busy lately and I feel like the business will continue for a while. The kids are not 100%. We had swim lessons today, the kids did great. Gwen still will not dunk her head, she wants goggles, I know we have some somewhere, I just don't know where. Plus, I kind of want her to swim without the goggles and I am a little ticked at the 2 Mothers that let their kids bring their goggles, but what can you do? Nate is doing really well in swim class, his teacher thinks he will be swimming soon, he LOVES to kick. Plus I don't think he gets that irritated when he gets his face wet. Both kids took long naps today. Almost 4 hours! We let them stay up a little later and they were both exhausted and went to sleep right away. I am hoping a good night's sleep will do them well. Gwen doesn't have school on Monday, so an extra day of rest will probably do everyone some good!
Eric has to drive up to the old house tomorrow to take care of some wiring damage done by squirrels. We are a little ticked that our tenant did not let us know that there were squirrels living up there. But that's how things go, I guess.
We went to a birthday party for Gwen's classmate the other day. Now Nate keeps asking to go to Chuck E Cheese. Whenever you ask him what he wants to do, he says Chuck E Cheese. I guess you could say the boy knows what he likes and doesn't stray from it.
We have been enjoying the nice weather, we had a picnic lunch yesterday, played outside today. Gwen played with the neighbor's dog, but Nate still afraid, plus that dog barks ALOT! Gwen also held a guinea pig and now wants a guinea pig...Mommy wants nothing to do with a guinea pig! But I am glad that she does like animals, now we just have to work on Nate.

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