Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Happy Groundhog's day!

Gwen was very excited about Groundhog's day today, she brought a groundhog that she cut out of construction paper, she named her Wally. Here she is digging Wally out of his hole. Pulling him out...
Giving Wally's is spring, winter is over. I hate to tell her the temperature dropped has dropped and her prognostication is wrong...(BTW Gwen doesn't actually know the word prognostication).
We decided to go for a walk because of the warm weather today, Gwen was a little upset here because Nate was beating her and she is not pleased! It is all about winning these days with her.
We walked Wally, of course.
I was allowed to pet him and Gwen stopped a couple times to talk to Wally. Nate ran pretty much the entire way. Sadly Wally was injured today over a scuffle of a chair...Nate tore his leg, fortunately we were able to reattach his leg with tape! Hope you had a great groundhog's day!

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