Sunday, January 30, 2011

Warm Weekend

I am exhausted! First it was swimming lessons, I don't think that was exhausting for me, since I sat on the benches. But, then there was the painting and the bike riding and well, I don't think we did anything else, I am exhausted. So, this is what I started this weekend...actually I think this is from Thursday, but I had the green done, and that is about it.This is where I was last night, being distracted by little children and climbing...
And this is where I am now!
And I also finished slinky's slink and did a little work on Rex.
And then of course, Eric started more drawing...
Can you see the HUGE princesses, of course Gwen says they are the perfect size for her, exactly what she wanted and I am just thinking, crap I just about finished buzz and the rest of them, still have to do touch-ups, but dang it, they were supposed to be smaller than Buzz!

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