Saturday, January 29, 2011

Swim Lessons

We would like to thank Grandmom for sending the kids money for swim lessons for Christmas...the kids LOVE it! I mean seriously, Eric had a hard time getting them out of the pool; Nate especially wanted to stay. Since I couldn't find a weekday morning/afternoon time swim lesson, we decided to do Saturday...I am not ready to give up 5p twice a week yet, sorry. But this works out because as I have been used to doing the swim lessons, getting in the pool and stuff, I asked Eric if he wanted to take Nate in and he said yes. So, for once I got to be dry and take pictures, a win-win for all of us, because now you can enjoy a slide show of the swim lessons.

So, hopefully we will continue to have kids that love the water and hopefully my little girl will work up the courage to get that face in the water and blow some real bubbles!

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