Sunday, January 16, 2011

Final Christmas post for 2010

I have been quite busy and appear to have quite the backlog of pictures. We'll see now that I have a couple of calm days coming, if I can clear out the backlog. Starting on Tues though I will be starting back at the gym in the evenings, so fitting blogging in will be a bit of a challenge again. Such is life. We are done with visitors for a while, we had my Aunt and cousins and my MIL visiting. Both were short visits, but we packed fun into both I think. Sadly since they were short visits I didn't get much of a chance to take pictures. I guess I will get to that later.
I took pictures of the kids sleeping in their new beds but sadly didn't post the pictures for my Mom, sorry!
Gwen and her new Dora baby...
We went out after Christmas and took advantage of the post Christmas sales. We got some lawn ornamentation. I like it. Sadly Rudolph is about the dumbest thing I have seen, they make this outdoor lawn thing and then they make the plug a type that needs to not get wet! Seriously, the cord isn't very long either, so we are going to have to "rework our theme" for next year, not that that is really a surprise to us though.
And yes, that is my daughter with no coat and no shoes standing out in the cold, she is apparently hot blooded/warm-natured, I don't know, she often swears she is warm and walks around with no shirt on, even though I don't have the heat very high.
We have a lot of lights to fix and work out for next year, still no word on who won the contest. I saw our fiercest competitor 2 weeks ago and she said she hasn't heard anything either. She has been checking the website obsessively. We got the newsletter yesterday, but no news about the lights competition, how very disappointing! Oh well, we enjoy doing it, and that is all that matters!

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