Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Just when I thought we would be settling back into a routine with the kids, my husband goes and starts working late and not sleeping. Now to be fair, there are so many hours in a day and he's had a lot to do. He has turned in his grant proposal and we are glad he is done with that. He went to lunch yesterday with a couple of students and a guest lecturer. They discussed Eric's grant and how much work it is and the lecturer mentioned that his students work on them for 3 months, Eric has only been working on it for a month! This could explain his late working and sleepless nights. Sadly, this also throws off my schedule; I am tired also. Eric came home from work today, we had dinner and I sent him to bed...he pulled an all-nighter!
Last week we had a random warm day, I took advantage of it and took Batman and Gwen outside for some fresh air. They chose to ride their scooters...

Nate is getting really good at his scooter, he has the advantage that he can fit both feet on side by side. Gwen is still having some difficulty, but she is also getting better.
They chose to change scooters and I saw that Nate really does balance well on the scooter he had no problem on it and Gwen could use some practice.
It is back to being cold here this week, so I guess there will be no more scooter riding. Mom gets too cold standing out there watching, I guess I could move around or something...

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