Friday, March 11, 2011

Dance, dance, dance

My Momma completed her first complete week back to work after her football injury, so I thought she'd like to see some videos of the kids...mostly Nate dancing. Because I am pretty sure there is nothing cuter than Nate dancing. He is definitely my musical child and sometimes while Gwen is at school he sits on my lap and I play the piano, it doesn't last long before he is sitting next to me playing his own tune. But it is not something I did with Gwen, Nate enjoys it though.
First I give you "Charlie Brown song" as Nate calls it. His current loves are Zip-a-dee-doo-dah and Linus and Lucy. He asks me to play them all the time. This is a back view, because he likes to look at the iPod as it plays, I don't know why, I guess he likes to be close to the speakers...

Charlie brown dancing from Melanie Ubil on Vimeo.

Our next video is from after dinner (well for everyone but Eric). We don't usually listen to music while we eat, but today we did and when this song came on Nate said "I don't like it, another song" the refrain of my life...but then the song continued to play and I said "Daddy likes this song" Nate decided, it must not be a bad song...he certainly doesn't have that reaction when I tell him I want to listen to a song.

Superstition from Melanie Ubil on Vimeo.

His sister as you can see couldn't handle he was possibly getting his picture taken and she wasn't in frame, so she joined in, slightly obnoxiously, but whatever, Friday night dance party at our house! The hilarious part of the story is that Nate totally sings this song now "There is superstition driving down the wall" I don't know where superstition is going but sadly he doesn't know more of the words. Guess we will be listening to that song more so he can learn the words!

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