Tuesday, March 08, 2011

King Cake Day

Gwen came home from school today all fired up! She has been so excited about Mardi Gras today "SHE HAD A PARTY AND GOT A BALLOON AND MADE A MASK AND SHE GOT A BABY JESUS!" So I decided to make a King Cake, we had the baby Jesus after all. We've never made a King Cake before, but what the heck, I knew I had a recipe somewhere. It took me a while to find the recipe, but I did and we made the King Cake. The kids where very excited and helped. I remembered to take pictures. Gwen was very excited to place the baby in the cake, well not at first, but I assured her the baby would stay warm in the cake. Seemed weird, but she's 4 and well she was like ok and went and found the baby she previously hid.

Gwen has also learned that today is the day for sweets, no sweets tomorrow. "No ice cream, pancakes, cake" and no meat tomorrow. I haven't pushed the abstinence/fasting thing with them yet, because they were too young last year. Now I don't have to go over it with her, score!

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