Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day

I have been incredibly busy, so busy, I've been exhausted and haven't had much time to blog, but I have pictures and things to talk about. Today is the first day in my recent memory that Nate and I had nothing to do this morning. It was lovely, we ate breakfast, first for one of us, second for one us, I'll let you guess which one. So we read some books, sorted some laundry, and this is where the problem began. Our house is tiny, so I can see him from the bedroom in the kitchen. He was playing with the closed vitamin bottles, shaking them while listening to the music, so I was keeping a pretty good eye on him, but what I didn't realize is there was a marker attached to the refrigerator, that he could reach and then he yelled look 2 red ones, and I freaked out thinking he figured out how to get the last 2 (red) vitamins out of the bottle. I saw this:So then we took some pictures of his "work".
Then I decided maybe we should enjoy some outside time. Nate was in agreement so we went for a walk. Nate went for a little run down the hill and in the field. He had a good time. Here you can see more of the "damage".
I decided to do something fun for St. Patty's Day. I am not a huge fan of beef...and the other day we were at a grocery store that was giving samples of corned beef, neither of the kids liked it, I thought why make a meal they won't eat anyway. So I decided to make an all green meal. I was even going to make green cupcakes, but changed my mind...maybe some other time. So today I made green noodles, cabbage and green smoothies. The green smoothies were a hit, although Eric was doubtful. Seriously could not taste the spinach, just tasted like a banana smoothie and I got some spinach in Gwen...score! Man who knew you could sneak veggies into smoothies and you can't even tell!
The kids were distracted by the ability to sit outside and eat for the first time this season.
And, Nate asked to go to bed at 6:30! You can tell that I might have had him outside too much today. He even took a nap. I guess drawing all over yourself with permanent marker will tire a boy out...(and no I didn't wash it off him, I mean if you go through that much effort, you might as well wear it all day with pride)

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Aunt Roxann said...

you are a very good mommy. wearing his art work all day was a great idea!!! he will only be this age for a very little while.
Aunt Roxann