Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Round 2!

I'm in the midst of potty training number 2.To be sure, I am not the only one potty training this time, Gwen seems to be doing a lot of the work for me. We have been very busy, I don't think Nate and I spend that much time at home anymore, which makes the potty training difficult. Nate totally gets it, which makes this time easier. Last week he just said I've got to go potty, Gwen took him to the potty and took care of it, awesome! She also fielded the pottying today during nap time. Which was great because I could only tolerate so much of sitting on the potty after the terrible ride home!
I have learned this time around to wait until he is ready and shows an interest, have the underpants that he is going to be excited to wear waiting for when he is ready and to not freak out when there are accidents. So, I seem to have no down time these days, HOPEFULLY next week will be quiet and we will be home or something, but I suspect it won't be. Does anybody else look back to the days where the kids and I had nothing to do and no where to go and think gosh was I bored? I think I am looking forward to will be much less running around and I might be able to be productive and on a schedule again...


Mommy Daisy said...

Good luck with Round 2! It's great the you have an extra helper this time, maybe that will help make the difference for him too.

I'm looking forward to summer and warmer weather too. But I can't let that fool me. I know it will be just as hectic. We have places we want to go and things to do. Then with sports and vacations, our schedules fill up quickly.

Melanie said...

Our summer won't be hectic, the only thing we will be doing is swimming, no vacations or anything else, so it will be nice and quiet!