Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Easter pictures

These aren't the last of the Easter pictures, as I was looking at the pictures I realized some were missing. It finally dawned on me that some of the pictures are on the old camera...so eventually I will get the egg dying on here, possibly, we'll see! Eric's school had an Easter Egg Hunt, it ended up only being a few kids (5) and they hid 150 eggs. Let's just say that the kids got a lot of chocolate! The weather was iffy and I guess people were scared it was going to rain, it didn't. Sadly we forgot to bring their baskets so we got some boxes from Eric's work.
Here is a picture of the kids with the "Easter Bunny"
The kids got up Easter morning and did their home egg hunt, but sadly because of Gwen's attire we won't be posting any pictures of her...but enjoy the pictures of Nate!

Holy man, it was hard to get them to find their baskets, they just didn't get it. I kept trying to get them to find them, but they were more interested in the eggs. Finally they found them. Here is Nate working on his puzzle.
We had a nice Easter dinner, Gwen helped me ice with the cake. I didn't get to that to mid-day on Sunday. But it didn't matter, it was yummy and it was done in time for desert!
Hopefully I will get to the last Easter post sometime soon!

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