Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strawberry picking

A couple weeks ago we went strawberry picking at a local field, since that darn rabbit was eating all our strawberries! We had a good time and filled 1 basket. We haven't been back, but will probably go soon...they were delicious!
Nate started out really good, but he soon realized that he could eat them, so his production wore off pretty quickly.
Gwen also didn't work as hard as year's past, but she did her fair share and eat a few too!
They also have a sandbox and these picture things that I couldn't get the kids to pose for in 1 together, so they did them separately. Crazy kids!

Gwen was quite obsessed riding this thing. Luckily some little kids came on and joined her and Nate. Her morning was then complete!
It was a fun spring break activity!

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