Sunday, May 08, 2011

The garden

I thought a fitting post for Mother's Day would be a post about my garden. Happy Mother's day! We are experimenting with a garden again this year. The garden last year did pretty well and Gwen came home from school with some plants they grew in science class, so we planted them in the garden! Sadly, a bunny has been taunting us, we have been eating dinner outside and a rabbit has been sitting on the "hill", waiting for us to finish our dinner so he can start us. When the rabbit started eating the leaves off Gwen's stuff from the garden I had enough, and we went to the store and got chicken wire and random post type things and Eric fashioned an enclosure.
Sure it is tacky and whatever but at least it is keeping the bunny out! That is all I really care about...sure it looks like nothing in this picture, but now all those spots have something popping up. And, you can see at the very right side of the picture, our lettuce which is growing in the grass! (Note, when having the kids help you with the lettuce planting, don't hold the seed packet over the grass)
Here is our awesome strawberry patch, that I am hoping that will recover from the rabbit eating all the leaves and we will actually get some strawberries to eat.
Hope everyone had a happy Mother's day. We had a nice day, the kids were sweet, the husband made a nice dinner and I got to take a nap and celebrate a good friend's baby get Baptized. A good day!

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