Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Art project

I decided that we should do art projects everyday! Then we did this first project and we haven't done one since!  The kids loved it, but I feel like it was an utter failure!  We took all our broken crayons and wrapped up some cookie cutters, and cupcake holders in foil and proceeded to put in the broken crayons.  You can see Gwen diligently working here. 
Here are 2 molds, we put them in the oven at 200 or so and then let them melt. 
Nate was our broken crayon label peeler...tough job for a tough kid! 
Gwen and her handy work...
Here they are partially melted
But this was the problem, we couldn't keep the melting crayons contained as hard as we tried. 
We did get some successful crayon pieces and the kids loved it, and now we have way less crayons, but Eric was not pleased with the clean up...I was too pooped to do anything but peel all the foil.  We did eventually figure out that boiling water worked cleaning the crayon wax...we might never do another art project this summer. 


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