Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So as not to repeat myself

Today we had our final Dr's appointment before the baby makes its grand entrance.  As those of you who have been with us through all 3 pregnancies, you'll know that our babies are late.  Eric and I were both late, why wouldn't our babies be.  Today I am 40 weeks, 5 days or some such nonsense. Hardly dilated but I think the baby has moved down a tad.  Conditions are "favorable" for birth, she just has to move down and she is taking her own sweet time.  The Dr said I looked well rested, and not near as exhausted as I did the previous week, which can be attributed to the visit from my Aunt, who basically took over all responsibility while I just rested.  Thank you Auntie! 

Tomorrow I will be having a stress test-basically they hook us up to monitors and check the baby's heartbeat over 20-30 minutes and make sure she is comfortable and not in duress.  We have an induction scheduled for Sunday, just in case the baby doesn't come over the rest of the week.  I asked for as late of an induction as possible to give this girl a chance to make her exit naturally.  We are hopeful that she be here soon!

So there you have it, yes I am still pregnant and I am ok with that, thank you for asking.  I would like her to finish her business and come out before Sunday though, I'll even let her pick the day!   Now off to get ready for Grandma who arrives soon!  

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