Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Nate!

Today is our little man's birthday.  Such a crazy little guy!  He is full of life and energy who keeps us on our toes.  He will be starting preK this fall and he is looking forward to it. 
He is really getting into LEGOs this year and Superheroes.  He is also making up hilarious stories.  If you talk about something, says ghosts, he will tell you about an involved story he has made up about his experience with ghosts.  Very funny. 
He is still our cuddly little guy who loves to sit and read. He will sit for a long time and look at books for a long time, but he will happily listen to you read him a story. 
He is struggling to drop a nap, he really needs to still nap, but with his sister home and no afternoon car trip to pick up his sister, it is a real struggle.  His listening skills drop to nil and he loses impulse control.  I am hoping this is a short transition, but you never know. 
He does make have a pretty funny way of saying things and we can tell he is going to be a pretty smart kid.  I am hoping the structure and learning he will get at school will calm him down a little.  He seems to be pretty hyped up and has a lot of energy, I am hoping to one day learn how to channel his energy for good! 
We sometimes forget he is only turning 4 today because he often acts older and his vocabulary is so advanced.  He loves our camera and will take numerous random pictures, as a matter of fact I put together a slideshow of his random pictures, a lot of them are from Christmas, but I put a couple of recent additions in there.  I will also post his birthday slideshow after that, if you'd like to see it.  Sorry, I'm to lazy to annotate either slideshow.

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