Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fun with numbers

As you may have noticed I haven't been publishing as much as I used to. A combination of factors has made me rather complacent towards writing here and taking pictures. Gwen is still a sweet/cute baby, but she doesn't seem to be doing anything picture worthy, or when she does I am unable to grab the camera safely. We do have baby gates and most baby-proofing done, but as she is becoming more mobile she is getting harder to take care of. It is mostly because she falls so easily I just like to be in the room to make sure she doesn't get to close to something when she falls. (yes I do Eric!) But, with Eric being home and all the craziness with getting the house worked on while he is here does not leave me with a whole lot of time to update. Plus, we do 'fight' over the new laptop, we don't actually fight over it.
Gwen has been quite sweet and a pretty good girl. I have found that she is a big meat eater (sorry Grandmom). She won't eat fruits and vegetables when I give them to her, but she will gobble up and meat I give her. (We've given her quail and lamb...ate up both, no questions asked?!)
Here is a recent picture of Gwen, from Thursday. Just a random shot I was fortunate enough to get.

So, hopefully one day soon I will become less complacent, it has been a long year and hopefully the coming year will bring us many happy memories.

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Amy said...

This is a great pictures of Gwen....and I love her new ride..... :o) Don't stop posting....I read this site all the time! Miss you!