Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Squeals like a pig

would certainly be Gwen's name if she were Native American. After SS on Monday we went to the petting zoo. Gwen was so excited! I wished Eric was there so he could take the pictures and video to do the visit justice. The pictures with me in them were obviously taken by one of the other Moms. This little guy actually tried to nibble on one of our pregnant Mom's bellies. Oops! Everytime Gwen touched an animal she squealed with delight!
If you see here, the one Mom is pointing to us because Gwen is so excited; jumping up and down and squealing like a pig. She kept 'chasing' them and trying to get close.

As you can see this little goat really enjoyed Gwen's hat!
Gwen loves the animals as I have stated before, but Eric and I are not really ready to commit to a pet, we'll wait until she is older and can hopefully take some responsibility towards them. Hopefully be then I will have talked her into a cat and Eric's influence won't make me end up with one of these. Videos uploaded shortly...I hope.

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