Monday, May 08, 2006

Another fabulous day

Today is another fabulous day at work. I have gotten calls and emails about the previous weeks problems at the office and other fabulous incidents have occurred that just irritate the stew out of me. And, all this after such a wonderful weekend, but I will get to that later. I have determined that the 2 current leaders of our group just don't have the fine appreciate for the use of email and how to 'harness its power' or actually use it to its full potential. Today I was forwarded an email from my boss to someone else thanking her for taking time to do something I DID! If he would just read the email he would see that I am organizing the 'event' and another co-worker sent a follow-up email because I had little to no response! URG! I guess that would explain why I have no response from him on whether or not he will be attending. Should I be a nice person and include him when I make the reservation, or should I just be the mean person I sometimes enjoy being and call him out and not include him in the reservation. Makes me glad to be going on a 'vacation' from this place sometime soon! That is probably the only thing that makes me want this baby to come soon! Then to top it all off, another co-worker looked at me today and said, looks like the baby is ready to come anytime. ARE YOU SAYING I AM FAT? Usually this stuff doesn't bother me, but today after the other crap I am dealing with and because of who said it I got offended. I mean really, I think I am carrying high, so the baby still has to drop, I think she is still rather high. But truly, when she comes she comes, don't try to elude that I have gained too much weight or whatever just to start a conversation. I looked around ay my childbirth classes this weekend, and I think I am still doing great weight wise, don't tell a weight-watchers lifetime member about weight, I obviously have had a problem with it in the past and I am rather sensitive about the issue.
But, this weekend we had a good weekend, I got to catch up with a girlfriend in town while wandering around downtown picking up free flowers, window shopping and eating yummy Indian food. I especially enjoyed dinner, we had a real chance to chat and the husband doesn't like Indian food...double bonus! We finished the childbirth and labor class; started the 'Where's the Instruction Manual?' class. We installed our new lights in the bathrooms and downstairs. We no longer have to be embarrassed about the 1990's outside style halogen lights downstairs and we picked out/ordered more new lights for the foyer stairs and hallways. YEAH! Hopefully we can get those installed this weekend. Goodbye gold 80s/90s light fixtures, hello soon to be out of date brushed nickel light fixtures! But, at least we like them! It is so nice to actually be able to see in our bathroom, the light in their before, only 1 side worked it was rusting and only a 40W bulb. Now we have 3 working 60W bulbs, it is like looking into the sun. Who needs coffee?

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