Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Today and other stuff

Today is another fabulous day at the office. They are putting a new roof on our building, and it sounds like some guy is going to fall through the roof. I can't even hear myself think! I don't know if I could before, but I especially can't today!
I wanted to give an update on the childbirth classes. At the end of the class on Sunday our teacher wanted us to practice relaxation and visualization techniques. I had a really hard time with this. I think I am just one of those people that always has a hard time with that stuff. I don't think I could ever self-hypnotize myself and I suspect that I am always tense. When she popped in the CD and we were sitting on the floor with the lights off I could not concentrate on the tape. I started out good, we started with the deep breathing, which is apparently not something the little girl in my belly likes, because I can't even describe what she was doing, but suffice it to say it was distracting. I even put my coach, I mean hubby's hand on my belly and he was like what the heck. It was quite humorous and I think it is a bad sign that I was so easily distracted by the baby's crazy non-kicking movements, how am I going to breathe through the pain. Will I be easily distracted then? It is all well and good to practice at home, but I am not often distracted at home. Is it a bad sign, that I wanted the husband to feel what I was feeling, so he could be distracted also? I guess it didn't truly distract him too much, he was still able to get through 18 holes of golf in his head! I just wonder, does visualizing a healthy/realitively quick labor actually make it happen. I guess I will find out when the princess decides to join us on the outside.
We have our Dr's appointment today, should be fun. I am still going ever 2 weeks and we are scheduled with a Dr we have never seen before. Probably just another quick, weight, bp, measurement, your out. This is the only female in the practice that delivers babies. I wonder what she is like?

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