Tuesday, May 02, 2006


With only a couple months left to go until the baby is born, life has become pretty hectic. We had our first of two childbirth classes that really go through the nitty gritty of what I will be going through as I deliver this baby. The husband is stoked; he KNOWS I can do it. We just have to keep that positive energy up until the baby arrives. The teacher also told us to practice breathing holding ice cubes in our hands. The husband made me hold said ice cubes in hands last night while he watched the clock for 30 sec. He also held the ice cubes. I have to say, that was a lot harder than I expected, I guess next time I will have to try the breathing thing while holding the ice cubes. They also showed us the dreaded video of childbirth and some of the medical equipment used for intervention. I am not real thrilled with the prospect of a needle being stuck in my back while I am having contractions and being told not to move! Must of been a man who came up with that idea. We had previously taken the how to tolerate the pain childbirth class, and I realize that no matter what, there will be pain, I will have to be calm/have no fear if I want to have as little pain as possible. But, this is an unknown for us, we have never had children, so I don't know what it will feel like, how long it will take, etc. AH! The unknown!
This weekend will be the final childbirth class and the first of the 'Where's the Instruction Manual' class. We might also be doing more lighting projects around the house. Technically, we have 5 more weeks until the baby is considered full term, my due date is 8 weeks away. But when will the baby come? Probably on our wedding anniversary, just so I can always remember how we spent our 3rd anniversary! It is probably time to put the car seat in the car and pack the bag. I have already done all the washing of the baby stuff. The car seat and packing the bag, might make this more real than I am ready for yet. But, it must be done, because I don't think while having contractions is the best time to be running around looking for stuff to complete the bag!

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