Thursday, May 28, 2009

First haircut

I have been pressured to cut Nate's hair. So today we all went to get our hair cut by my friend who also cut Gwen's hair for the first time. Gwen went first! She was excited because she got a lollipop for being a good hair cut victim.
Here are some pictures of Nate before, just so you know what to compare to.

Here we are getting ready.
Nate as you can tell was not thrilled, really I have to give Angela props, Nate did not like the hair cut. He didn't like the her spraying the water, combing his hair...really anything. And neither Nate nor I got any cuts with the scissors!

He was bouncing around too...

I thought if we tried sitting him down that would be better, because he wouldn't be able to jump around...
But he then tried to hit the scissors and still no cuts!

All done and super happy!
We tried to get pictures of the 3 of us, but it didn't work out very well!...Nate was still not very happy! :(

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Beth said...

Very cute!!! They are both getting so big!!