Sunday, May 31, 2009


I think the stress is finally getting to me. Or at least I can admit that the stress is probably what has been getting me sick for the last couple weeks. I appear to be sick again. :( The kids also have running noses also.
We had the Godfather and his girlfriend over to help move some furniture into the garage. We are now living with half our furniture, well less than half our furniture and more than half our stuff. Eric and I loaded up everything they put in the garage into a truck we could get for free with our storage unit. If I wasn't already feeling rather congested and up late (taking a friend to the emergency room, she's ok BTW) last night, I probably wouldn't have dropped that sofa on Eric's foot! Haha just kidding, really we did a great job today, we put Nate in the jumper, Gwen wandered around and we put everything in the storage unit. This evening Eric and I have crashed on the couch watching the movie "RV" which is hilarious, after riding in an RV...
So onto some pictures from the last week, Nate and his little buddy...
Nate is sure going to miss him, I am not sure his friend is going to miss him, Nate is rather abusive...
He uses him to stand up on and loves to "pat" him, I am trying to teach him to be gentle, but he doesn't really get it.
Nate has finally decided to start walking this weekend. He is really trying to walk and has decided it is the he wants to try to cross rooms.
We realize this is going to cause NUMEROUS problems because he is already knocking Gwen out of the way so he can get to what he wants to and I think I am going to let that continue for a while, since she has boxing Nate out for a while. I mean I guess he has taken quite a beating from her, while she tries to "help" us out, policing Nate.
Here is Gwen and her little friend sharing a cupcake.
Gwen has already had a cupcake she somehow talked her friend into giving her some.

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