Wednesday, May 06, 2009

No name

We have been incredibly busy around here. I mean super busy, we have put an offer down on a house, thanks to my Mom she watched the kids while Eric and I looked at houses and we found a house. We put down an offer, haggled and have a contract. Now we have to secure a loan and figure out what to do around here. My Mother also packed up the house, and would have gotten a lot more done, if we had more paper and boxes, and we had a lot. Fortunately today I got a lead on more (free) paper and we will just keep going back to the liquor store and the grocery store until we get enough boxes to continue packing.
So now we are catching up around here, Nate is causing some havoc to my sleep schedule. I am tired, it is all his fault. He is waking up and not settling, well I am done! I don't know if he needs to start sleeping through the night, but I am tired of this and that is usually all it takes to start training. Nate is such an eater during the day, I don't know that he needs the night time eating, we will see how it goes! I might be up late again tonight writing blog posts. Don't hold your breath, I will likely be upstairs reading while he is screaming/crying. I forgot to mention Nate now has 3 more teeth, 2 on the top, 1 on the bottom, do you think that explains the chewing on anything and everything!?
Gwen, well I think she is suffering from a lack of sleep I think, acting not quite herself, tomorrow she WILL be going down for a nap. Remarkably both Gwen and Nate were both very good on the trip (baring that incident where Nate decided not to sleep at night, see sleep training!) we were very proud of them. I am sure Grandma enjoyed her quality time with them while Eric and I were meddling parents to bother with. Grandma could teach Gwen wonderful things, like "Nate's got a Mullet" (which I contend that he doesn't, but I guess I will have to take a picture and then upload it.)
Ok, well that is a small update, maybe one day I will upload pictures again. But I don't know if you can count on that being anytime soon!

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