Wednesday, May 13, 2009

update, bullet style

There is a lot going on, a lot I would like to document, but I don't have much time these days. Also missing the cord for the camera, so there won't be any pictures for a while!
  • Nate took 5 steps today! He has been taking steps for a while, but that is the first time he tried to do more than one and maybe was conscious of what he was doing. There was much cheering and celebrating!
  • We are cleaning out and packing. What we didn't realize is that we haven't emptied the file cabinet in months, we have a stack of papers to toss that I can not believe! Seriously, do I still need my utility bills from CA? I think not!
  • We are doing the community yard sale, this is the first time we have done a yard sale and are selling stuff at rock bottom prices, ok maybe not, but we are selling stuff that doesn't fit into the next house.
  • Nate is not yet sleeping through the night, but he will put himself back to sleep if something disturbs his slumber...which means if I hear him in the middle of the night I don't have to get him right away, he will put himself back to sleep. He has been sleeping to 5/6am. Nursing and then going back to sleep.
  • Nate LOVES corn...and corn on the cob, you would think it is the greatest thing he has ever seen! He gets so excited and eats it all up...Gwen on the other hand, tasted the corn on the cob, still doesn't really like it, but she tried it, with no prompting, actually asked for it! YAY!
  • I do not love the house that we have put an offer on, but there are several things I am excited about:
  1. Although the house is smaller it is on one floor, this excites me because less space to clean, but means that when a child is crying in their room, I will be able to hear it.
  2. Although I don't like that the front door is on the side and so therefore a side door, I will likely be able to open it during the day and still have privacy but be able to have a breeze.
  3. The washer and dryer will be more accessible during the is nice that laundry is upstairs by the bedrooms, it is a pain to get to during the day with the kids around...someone little man tries to eat the edge of the washer (it is a front loader) and will NOT be distracted from his target!
  4. A YARD! small that it is, it is our own space
  • We have a lot of packing to do. I have almost finished the kitchen of non-essentials, things we can live without for a while...I hope no one visits that wants coffee!
  • Gwen is starting to remember her letters and recognize them, if she thinks there is a reward involved.
  • I love having Eric home, but I am looking forward to doing some deprogramming, I kind of feel like he is cramping my style. This will likely be a time we look back on fondly and say remember when you were unemployed and we could run to the store and pretend like we only had one you remember that, it was lovely?
  • Gwen is T-2 months from 3!
  • Nate is T-1 month to 1!!!!!
  • We have yet to finalize the details of the you know crazy this makes me?!?!?
  • We have yet to find out if we will get the loan...this does not drive me crazy, it makes me nervous!
  • I have been reading a book that discusses interpersonal relationships and how to deal, it is fascinating to me and I hope that I am able to learn from it.
  • Nate appears to be getting in 3 teeth, 3! That seems bizarre to me, shouldn't teeth come in pairs, this will bring his grand total to 7, 4 on top, 3 on bottom.
Off to get more stuff done on the house. We know how to live it up!

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Beth said...

So good to hear from you guys!!! Glad things are moving along!